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Perguntas e Respostas sobre D&D 5E - Parte 3

Perguntas & Respostas sobre D&D 5E - Parte 3

Nova rodada de perguntas e respostas com Mike Mearls sobre D&D 5E...

If I cast Barkskin and use a Shield, is my AC 16 or 18? I'd say 18

Leomunds Chest req 5k gold chest.Meant to have that at lvl 7,or meant to come back to it later? you might have that at level 7, depending on the campaign, but it would represent a big investment IIRC

Do you know why the Terrasque is missing it's regen and immortality. Or should I ask someone else? not sure about regen, but immortality is something we'd handle more based on its role in a setting

Can I use the bonus action from the feat Shield Master without losing the bonus damage from the Duelist Fighting Style? yes - shield still doesn't count as a weapon

I was wondering, why there are such heavy restrictions on beast-master companion and if there will be a way to allow higher CRs animal companions were a huge source of issues in 3e - adding an extra "character" is a very powerful ability

Can we get a "changing these rules will break the game" warning list in the DMG? For bits like the Concentration rules. I believe they are in there - the list is very short. Concentration, attunement, and not much else

Is it intentional that you can use [crossbow expert] to get two attacks with 1 hand crossbow + shield? I'd rule it should specify a different weapon, not same weapon twice

Crossbow Expert: how do you reload a hand crossbow with a weapon/shield/hand crossbow in your other hand? very carefully! I imagine you just juggle items back and forth during your turn.

Monks, Arcane Tricksters,aned EldKnights.Is wizard list considered their list for use of scrolls and staves? I'd rule that they access only those spells they could gain from those subclasses

Can you jump farther than your movement when using magic i.e spell Jump & boots of striding and springing? i'd rule yes - design intent is to make you jump super far

How does dispel magic work vs. Invisibility? How can you target what you can't see? Or is Dis Mgc more of an area of effect? invisible does not equal hidden = can target if invisible but not hidden, but not if the invisible creature is hidden. how an invis creature could not be hidden, you can see its footsteps, hear it move, etc. You know where it is but can't see it

Magic armor stacks with unarmored defense( like dex + wis to ac for a monk)? use one or the other

Thinking of houseruling that adjusted encounter XP = actual XP. Any reason why this isn't RAW? Any pitfalls to be aware of? Thx! it makes hordes of weaker creatures a more appealing fight, if players metagame that. not game breaking

Does Halfling Nimblness allow them to ignore Difficult Terrain when moving through another creature's space? no - main advantage is you can move through enemies

Does a dagger count as both a melee and a ranged weapon for feats? In other words can I use the sharpshooter feat with a dagger? yes - it might feel unintuitive for the bonus damage, but it doesn't break anything

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