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Perguntas & respostas sobre D&D 5E [em inglês]

Perguntas & respostas sobre D&D 5E
[em inglês]

Mais uma bateria de que perguntas e respostas sobre o D&D 5E feitas para Mike Mearls pelas redes sociais. O texto está em inglês, como os anteriores...

Will the DMG have suplementary material on how to handle Inspiration and how to better tie BIFTS between PCs and to a setting? it does go into more depth on inspiration, believe it does talk about BIFTS and how to use them

Question does is there any details on Ability damage and recovering from it we should know for stuff like the Int Devourer. Greater restoration restores it.

10% of profits from the mine...any kind of rough estimate of what that turns into, gold wise? It's up to the DM, depending on the campaign, but I'd place it at 500 gp per month or so. Remember, it's profits rather than income.

Will you guys be doing DMG previews like you have been doing MM previews? Yes

Hoard had little to no 4e-specific FR stuff. Does that go for part 2 too? IOW, would using it with 3e FR book require work? no, should work fine. we used FR, but tried to avoid making it something that required outside sources.

Clarification: can u use the same hex spell after an encounter at the next encounter with concentration all day? you'd need to find a new target for it between encounters, otherwise it ends.

Any chance L&L from now on could include a "here's where the DMG table of contents is at" bit? please? good idea - we'll probably do something like that closer to the release date http://www.enworld.org/forum/images/smilies/smile.png

Is the martial arts ability for the monk equivalent to finesse for the purposes of feats like Defensive Duelist? I'd rule Yes

Do Polearm Master and War Caster combine to allow a magic user to make a spell opportunity attack when they enter reach? No - polearm master applies only if you use the weapons it lists to make the attack

Are the Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide releasing early at WPN stores like the Player's Handbook? Yes

What are thieves tools good for if a rogue is already proficient in Sleight of Hands? thieves tools are used for picking locks and removing traps - sleight of hands applies to palming objects, picking pockets

And how does a bard benefit from an instrument's proficiency bonus if he's already proficient with the Performance skill? impressing a crowd = performance. playing a difficult piece = instrument. it is blurry, but the instrumnt covers technical skill

Confused. "Trance. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that human does from 8 hours of sleep"? you can gain the benefits of an extended rest without sleeping.

Hi... I found THAC0 on the new PHB (GREAT book!) index, but nowhere else! Hidden easter egg or typo? easter egg

Does the "you learn that spell" language in the Magic Initiate feat mean you can cast it with existing spell slots? I'd say yes, but featspecifies can't cast it after using it. Official answer might differ, but it doesn't break anything

Just wondering, is crossbow expert working on ranged spell attacks rules as intended? yes - feat does not specific crossbow or weapon attacks

Any chance to see in DMG a(purer)summoner focused class(w summonings from low lvls)? not in there - summoning is pretty tricky to balance at lower levels

how does one access all the insider content for 4th edition? i have a subscription but i keep getting back to the sign-up page. check with customer service - the tools and content should all be up and accessible
is the barbarian Rage dmg the same type as weapon(subj to resistance), or its own thing? same as weapon damage

Sentinel feat. when does the reaction attack happen? before the enemy attacks ally, or after? Before

[Re. Adventurer's League] It's debilitating having to figure scheduling, then deal with space issues because: 'Wednesday'. it's definitely something we've heard feedback on and are talking about

Hiding has been causing us a lot of grief & arguments. If I'm hidden & have to peek out or step out to shoot do I retain adv? DM judgment - would peeking reveal you or not? Probably not, unless target is looking right where you are

Is the downside of primal pathr age (exhaustion level 1) really intended to be *that* nasty? Yes - meant to be a finisher, since ability can tilt a battle way into the party's favor

Are there any rules to give NPC's class levels in the MM? (basically can I make a lvl 20 human fighter as a "monster") those will be in the DMG
Is Padded armor really meant to give disadvantage to stealth rolls? yes - padded and ring are bad, cheap armors meant for militia, poorly equipped warriors, not really aimed at PCs.

Have you had a bunch of feedback about the Circle of the Moon druid & the power levels of the wild shape beasts? We've heard of issues with druids, but we'll be looking at them in our feedback surveys starting in early 2015

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